You have a wide choice of beaches including Lamor Plage at Lorient, the ever popular Carnac, unspoiled Erdeven and the wild surfing Cote Sauvage at Quiberon.

If you like food you will love Brittany, savor the tastes of the local delicacies, Crepes, seafood, gallettes, cider and best of all the wine.

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Relish in the antiquity of the medieval market towns of Hennebont, Auray and Vannes. A site not be missed is the Chateau at Josselin a real fairy tale castle.

The Beautiful river of Scorff is only a 5 minute drive away the ideal place for a picnic, a steady stroll, or for the more active,cycling.

For something slightly sublime, take the time to explore the Foret de Carnoet. Here you will find the Roche du Diable, where situated on the precipice of a steep cliff, is an immense naturally formed image, in stone, of a devil. This overlooks the stunning course of the river Elle, which can be followed on foot or, for the more adventurous, bathed in. Entrance is free : toilets, light refreshments and picnic areas are provided.



The only problem is, have you enough time to fit it all in?


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