Water Supply
Our water is supplied from the towns water tower in Berné. It is safe for drinking and other domestic uses. If you prefer you can always buy bottled water from the supermarket when you arrive, it costs about 60 cents per 3-5 litres.

Electrical Items
We supply the cottage with kettle, toaster, T.V Video and an iron. If you wish to bring your own electrical items please feel free to do so. Remember to bring continental adapters as we operate on the French system.

If you are going to arrive after 7pm it is always wise to either pack a cool bag with essential items, such as milk butter etc, or to stop during your journey to do a bit of shopping. Don't forget most food outlets, supermarkets, shops etc close at lunch for 2 hours and are closed after 7pm. Alternatively you can arrange for us to do some shopping for you (payable on arrival).